Industry collaborations

Collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry is essential in order to achieve the translation of preclinical research findings into clinical trials and treatments for patients. Dr Lochmüller is a key opinion leader in neuromuscular disease clinical research who is sought after for pharmaceutical industry advisory boards and as a principal investigator for clinical trials.

Impaired neuromuscular transmission, GNE myopathy and various muscular dystrophies including myotonic dystrophy and Duchenne muscular dystrophy are the main focus of our current industry collaborations. Dr Lochmüller has conducted numerous commercially sponsored and academic-led clinical trials, and recent partners include GSK, Roche, Ultragenyx, and AMO Pharma.

Importantly, as well as working with pharma in preclinical and clinical research studies, we work with patients and patient groups to establish their needs and priorities for such research. Patient preferences are studied and taken into consideration. While working in Europe, Hanns was responsible for the neuromuscular arm of the PREFER IMI project, an industry-academic collaboration established in 2016.

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Our research is founded on strong collaborations with leading investigators, academic groups, patient organizations and industrial partners within Canada and worldwide. Prior to moving to Canada, Hanns was based in Europe (Germany and UK) and has maintained the strong international collaborations he has developed throughout his career.

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Clinical work

Hanns sees neuromuscular patients in clinic at the Neuromuscular Research Centre, located at the Civic Campus of The Ottawa Hospital. This newly opened state-of-the-art centre allows people with NMDs to have consultations with neuromuscular experts and to participate in clinical research.

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Read the latest news about our group, our research, our collaborations and our publications here. You can also follow us on Twitter – search for @LochmullerLab.


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Diseases of interest

Our group is interested in rare inherited neuromuscular diseases, in particular congenital myasthenic syndromes, myotonic dystrophy, GNE myopathy, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy. We investigate these conditions in the lab and in the clinic in a “bench to bedside” approach.

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Research areas

Although individually uncommon, rare diseases are so numerous that they collectively affect as many as one person in every 17 – in Canada, about 2 million people. Our research program focuses on defining the basic molecular and cellular mechanisms that cause neuromuscular disorders, to enable improved diagnosis, better care and development of effective treatments.

The Lochmuller Lab team

Team members

Find out more about Hanns and his team members here and see whether you would like to join us! We are always interested in hearing from scientists and clinicians at all stages of their careers, whether you want to join the team or start a scientific collaboration.

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About us

We are a clinical and scientific research team focusing on research into rare neuromuscular disorders and clinical care for patients with these conditions. We aim to understand why small variations in the human genome lead to these frequently disabling, sometimes lethal, and rarely treatable conditions affecting the musculature and nervous system.