Hugh McMillan

Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Ottawa

Pediatric Neurologist and Neuromuscular specialist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

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Dr. McMillan is a Pediatric Neurologist with specialization in Clinical Neurophysiology and Neuromuscular medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. He is a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa.  He holds a Clinical Research Chair (Level 2) at the University of Ottawa and is a Clinical Investigator at the CHEO Research Institute

He has been an author of over 125 publications in peer-review journals and was a co-editor of a Pediatric Electromyography textbook.  He is also a leader in clinical and translational research in pediatric neurology & neuromuscular medicine.

Dr. McMillan completed a Neuromuscular and Neurophysiology Fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard University and the Lahey Clinic, Tufts University; a Pediatric Neurology Residency at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, University of Ottawa and a Pediatric Residency at McMaster Children’s Hospital, McMaster University.

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Recent publications

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