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Alex Manta completed his MSc in the Integrative Neuromuscular Biology Laboratory, part of the Exercise Metabolism Research Group in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Vladimir Ljubicic. His thesis focused on the exercise biology of myotonic dystrophy type 1. His main research interests include neuromuscular biology in health and disease, particularly neuromuscular disorders and ageing.

Currently he is a first year Medical Student at the at the University of Ottawa. He will be working under the supervision of Professor Lochmüller to investigate the therapeutic potential of Smac-mimetic compounds on myoblasts from patients with various neuromuscular diseases.

Alex Manta

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Recent publications

Manta, A, Stouth, DW, Xhuti, D, Chi, L, Rebalka, IA, Kalmar, JM et al.. Chronic exercise mitigates disease mechanisms and improves muscle function in myotonic dystrophy type 1 mice. J Physiol. 2019.597 (5)1361-1381 PMID:30628727

Manta, A, Opingari, E, Saleh, AH, Simunovic, N, Duong, A, Sprague, S et al.. A systematic review of meta-analyses in orthopaedic surgery between 2000 and 2016. Bone Joint J. 2018.100-B (10)1270-1274 PMID:30295532

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