Andreas Roos

Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa

Scientific Officer, Department of Neuropediatrics, University Hospital Essen

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Andreas completed his PhD in 2009 with Professor Jan Senderek in the Neurogenetics group of the Institute of Human Genetics of RWTH-Aachen University in Germany, where his thesis focused on the elucidation of molecular and biochemical mechanisms in autosomal recessive Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathies. Following a postdoc in the Institute of Molecular Biology and Medical Biochemistry at the University of Saarland, he became a junior group leader at the Institute of Neuropathology at RWTH-Aachen University. Subsequently, he took on the role of group lead of the Tissue Omics group at the Leibniz Institute of Analytical Science (ISAS) in Dortmund, focusing on applied proteomics toward a better understanding of the molecular genesis of neuromuscular diseases. In 2015 he moved to Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) as Scientific Officer in the John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre under Professor Hanns Lochmüller. After moving to Essen in Germany in 2018 to become Scientific Officer in the  University Hospital Essen’s Department of Neuropediatrics, together with Prof. Ulrike Schara he was awarded a 2.9M Euro grant from the European Regional Development Fund for NMD-GPS, a major interdisciplinary multi-omics project aiming to improve the diagnostic management of patients with neuromuscular diseases as well as to group these diseases according to their underlying pathomechanisms.

In 2019 Andreas was awarded an adjunct professorship at the University of Ottawa, where he will be an external/visiting member of the Lochmüller Lab team, teaching applied proteomics in the context of neuromuscular diseases, co-supervising students and continuing his many close scientific collaborations with the group.

Dr. Andreas Roos

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Recent publications

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Roos, A, Hathazi, D, Schara, U. Immunofluorescence-Based Analysis of Caveolin-3 in the Diagnostic Management of Neuromuscular Diseases. Methods Mol Biol. 2020.2169 197-216 PMID:32548831

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