Catherine Choueiri

Master's Student

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Catherine recently graduated with an HBSc degree in Biology from Western University in October 2020. After completing her final year, she worked as a research assistant and laboratory manager in Dr. Kathleen Hill’s lab. In her role, she contributed to projects relevant to environmental mutagenesis, mouse SNP genotyping, and the use of genomic signatures for disease screening. Under Kathleen Hill’s supervision, Catherine also completed a teaching fellowship at Western, during which she helped to redesign the Principles of Human Genetics course for online delivery. In January 2021, Catherine began her Master’s program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine with a specialization in Human and Molecular Genetics. She is working under the supervision of Dr. Lochmüller to create a zebrafish model for riboflavin transporter deficiency to be used in therapeutic screening.

Catherine Choueiri

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