Daniel O’Neil

Research Technician

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Daniel holds a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa. During his undergraduate studies, he worked with Dr. Alexandre Blais’s laboratory where he studied the role of the Six1 transcription factor in adult satellite cell proliferation. Subsequently, he completed his MSc in Neuroscience at the University of Ottawa in Dr. Ruth Slack’s laboratory. His thesis examined the role of the activator E2f transcription factors, crucial regulators of cell cycle progression, in adult neural stem cell quiescence and activation.

Daniel looks forward to applying his accumulated technical knowledge to support ongoing research projects in Dr. Lochmüller’s lab.

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Recent publications

Polavarapu, K, O'Neil, D, Thompson, R, Spendiff, S, Nandeesh, B, Vengalil, S et al.. Partial loss of desmin expression due to a leaky splice site variant in the human DES gene is associated with neuromuscular transmission defects. Neuromuscul Disord. 2024.39 10-18 PMID:38669730

Fong, BC, Chakroun, I, Iqbal, MA, Paul, S, Bastasic, J, O'Neil, D et al.. The Rb/E2F axis is a key regulator of the molecular signatures instructing the quiescent and activated adult neural stem cell state. Cell Rep. 2022.41 (5)111578 PMID:36323247

Shelton, M, Ritso, M, Liu, J, O'Neil, D, Kocharyan, A, Rudnicki, MA et al.. Gene expression profiling of skeletal myogenesis in human embryonic stem cells reveals a potential cascade of transcription factors regulating stages of myogenesis, including quiescent/activated satellite cell-like gene expression. PLoS One. 2019.14 (9)e0222946 PMID:31560727

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