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Director, Precision Health Analytics

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Heather is the Director of Precision Health Analytics, working with the Lochmüller and Boycott Labs to expand their research programs. She collaborated with Hanns to establish his research program in Canada, securing $6M in funding within his first year in Ottawa and $8M since 2018. She continues to advise these teams on funding avenues and research synergies, and collaborates their teams to improve grantsmanship, secure funding, and publish high-impact manuscripts.

Heather completed her Masters in cellular and molecular medicine at the University of Ottawa, and additional graduate training in laboratory science, epidemiology, and biostatistics. She is a health research professional specializing in academic writing and research development, with 25 years of experience spanning laboratory, clinical, and policy settings. She has been with CHEO Research Institute since 2016, most recently as the Manager of Research Development for the Office of Research Services. There she collaborated with scientists across the Institute to secure more than $45M in grant funding and donor proposals.

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Recent publications

Dulude, C, Sutherland, S, Vanderhout, S, King, WJ, Zuijdwijk, C, Major, N et al.. A pediatric virtual care evaluation framework and its evolution using consensus methods. BMC Pediatr. 2023.23 (1)402 PMID:37592246

Huang, T, Bellai-Dussault, K, Meng, L, Hull, D, Howley, H, Reszel, J et al.. First and second trimester maternal serum markers for prenatal aneuploidy screening: An update on the adjustment factors for race, smoking, and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Clin Biochem. 2023.118 110596 PMID:37295638

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Bellai-Dussault, K, Meng, L, Howley, H, Reszel, J, Huang, T, Lanes, A et al.. Cytogenetic outcomes following a failed cell-free DNA screen: a population-based retrospective cohort study of 35,146 singleton pregnancies. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2023.229 (2)168.e1-168.e8 PMID:36627072

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Dougan, SD, Okun, N, Bellai-Dussault, K, Meng, L, Howley, HE, Huang, T et al.. Performance of a universal prenatal screening program incorporating cell-free fetal DNA analysis in Ontario, Canada. CMAJ. 2021.193 (30)E1156-E1163 PMID:34344770

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Boycott, KM, Campeau, PM, Howley, HE, Pavlidis, P, Rogic, S, Oriel, C et al.. The Canadian Rare Diseases Models and Mechanisms (RDMM) Network: Connecting Understudied Genes to Model Organisms. Am J Hum Genet. 2020.106 (2)143-152 PMID:32032513

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Marshall, DA, Benchimol, EI, MacKenzie, A, Duque, DR, MacDonald, KV, Hartley, T et al.. Direct health-care costs for children diagnosed with genetic diseases are significantly higher than for children with other chronic diseases. Genet Med. 2019.21 (5)1049-1057 PMID:30245512

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