Matthew MacDonald

Research Coordinator

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Matthew joined the team in June 2021 as a Research Coordinator, working on several neuromuscular disease clinical trials for Dr. Lochmüller.
Before joining the lab, Matthew coordinated a number of high-volume gastrointestinal cancer therapeutics trials at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre. Prior to this, he was part of the Epic health information system implementation (Project Fusion) for The Ottawa Hospital and Atlas Alliance hospitals, focusing on launching the Epic research module for Coordinators and Clinicians at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.
He has previously worked in magnetoencephalography functional neuroimaging research at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto on a number of research questions including developmental sensorimotor spatiotemporal dynamics, neurophysiological representation of bilingualism, PTSD and mTBI in Canadian Veterans, and cortical localization of motor and language function for pediatric neurosurgery candidates.

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Recent publications

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