Ofosu Adjei-Afriyie

Undergraduate Student

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Ofosu Adjei-Afriyie is a 4th year undergraduate student in Translational and Molecular Medicine. Prior to entering the lab as an honours student, Ofosu conducted research under the supervison of Dr. Adam Rudner. With Dr. Rudner, he has discovered his own M. foliorum bacteriophage and has gone on to annotate and characterize an additional bacteriophage. In the winter of 2021, Ofosu extended his research with Dr. Rudner to investigate an uncharacterized tail assembly chaperone frameshift in bacteriophage Winzigispinne.

For his undergraduate honours project, Ofosu has joined the Lochmüller lab to study the therapeutic effects of MuSK agonist antibodies on mutant AGRIN CMS mice models.

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