Rachel Thompson

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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Rachel completed her Master’s degree in Chemistry at Oxford University under Hazel Rossotti and Allan Chapman and her PhD on data sharing and integration in rare inherited neuromuscular diseases at Newcastle University in the UK under Hanns Lochmüller and Paolo Missier. Her research interests lie in the use of data integration methods for medical genomics and precision medicine in neuromuscular diseases. She came to academic research through a career in scientific management and communications in which she was responsible for the coordination of European collaborative projects, in particular the RD-Connect data sharing and analysis platform and the TREAT-NMD neuromuscular network. After successfully defending her thesis in May 2019, Rachel joined the Lochmüller Lab in Ottawa as a postdoctoral fellow, and continues to collaborate closely with colleagues in Europe (CNAG in Barcelona, the ‘t Hoen group in Nijmegen), and the Robinson group at Jackson Laboratories. In April 2020 Rachel was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.