Meet the Lochmüller Lab Clinical Team

Neuromuscular Clinic for adult patients at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) Civic Campus

As part of the team led by Dr. Jodi Warman Chardon, Hanns sees neuromuscular patients in clinic at the Ottawa Neuromuscular Centre, located at the Civic Campus of The Ottawa Hospital.  This newly opened state-of-the-art centre is a leading clinical research centre established to improve diagnosis and care for adults with neuromuscular diseases (NMD) and participating in clinical trials for several novel therapies.

Brenda Barasa is the Clinical Assistant at TOH and is responsible for coordinating Dr. Lochmüller’s neuromuscular clinic.

Neuromuscular Clinic for paediatric patients at CHEO

As part of the team led by Dr. Anna McCormick, Hanns sees neuromuscular patients in multidisciplinary clinic at CHEO.  The clinic provides diagnosis and care for children with NMDs and is also an active clinical trial site, participating in the development and clinical testing of cutting-edge therapies for these rare disorders.


Meet the Lochmüller Lab Clinical Research Team

As a part of the Lochmüller Lab, the clinical research team consists of four members who help run and support the lab’s clinical work, which includes both adult and pediatric trials, as well as patient registries, and natural history studies.

You can find a list of trials that the clinical research team is currently involved with here, as well as learn about the different types of clinical research on the Clinical research page of the Lochmüller Lab site.


Brenda Barasa | Clinical Assistant, OHRI

Brenda is responsible for coordinating Dr. Lochmüller’s neuromuscular clinic at The Ottawa Hospital and occasionally at CHEO. Brenda holds a BSc in Biochemistry with years of clinical experience working in the hospital and community-based health centres.


Emilie Hill-Smith | Research Coordinator, CHEO RI

Emilie coordinates various neuromuscular disease trials for Dr. Lochmüller. Emilie holds a master’s degree in Anthropology and a BA in Child Studies. Her research has focused on pediatric palliative care more specifically; her master’s research investigated the lives of siblings of children accessing palliative care at Roger Neilson House. Before joining Dr. Lochmüller’s team, Emilie worked as a Grants Coordinator at the CHEO RI running the internal grants program as well as assisting with external grant submissions.


Laura Thompson | Neurology Research Coordinator, CHEO RI

In September 2020 Laura joined the CHEO RI as a research coordinator in Neurology. She currently coordinates various neuromuscular disease trials with Dr. Hugh McMillan and Dr. Hanns Lochmuller. Laura holds a master’s degree in Health Psychology from Carleton University.  Over the last 6 years she worked with the Bruyère Research Institute specializing in cognitive aging research. Her research work focused primarily on Neuropsychological assessments and clinical drug trials for those with dementia.


Matthew MacDonald | Research Coordinator, CHEO RI

Matthew joined the team in June 2021 as a Research Coordinator, working on several neuromuscular disease clinical trials for Dr. Lochmüller. Before joining the lab, Matthew coordinated several high-volume gastrointestinal cancer therapeutics trials at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre. Prior to this, he was part of the Epic health information system implementation (Project Fusion) for The Ottawa Hospital and Atlas Alliance hospitals, focusing on launching the Epic research module for Coordinators and Clinicians at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.


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